Genre: Drama Thriller
Cast: Fabien Lucciarini, Mouna Bouchouk
Director: Simeon Lumgair
Quirky Motion
An envelope arrives at the hotel room of an Academic with a photo of a woman inside. By chance he meets the woman, fearing her life is in danger he plans to save her before the hitman gets to her.
Language: English & French

"Simeon Lumgair's Éluder is smart, slick and stylish too. Watch it for its engaging tale and a brilliant climax."
Surabhi Redkar, Film Critic

"Bravo il regista Simeon Lumgair a cogliere lo stato d`animo e i pensieri di entrambi i personaggi e a trasmetterli agli spettatori...Un buon lavoro da guardare con piacere."
Dr. Daniele Buzzurro, Film Critic

"I really enjoyed this short by Simeon Lumgair. Watch Éluder."
Andrea Thompson, Film Critic

"It’s a stylish piece of work, from the classy Hitchcockian title animation to the soft focus glow of the lighting."
Benedict Seal, Film Critic

"We loved your film ÉLUDER, and so did a lot of the viewers. Several people came up to me after we showed your film to tell me how great it was."
Garret Autrey, Brownsville International Film Festival


Cannes Short Film Corner
Salento Finibus Terrae Film Festival
Frame by Sound Festival
Vents Magazine Screenplay Contest, Santo Domingo
All Lights India International Film Festival
IndieWise Festival, Finalist Industry Boost Competition
Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Micro-Film Exhibition
Brownsville International Film Festival
Post Mortem International Horror & Bizarre Short Film Fest
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival
Cineplay Film Awards

***This film is currently being screened at International Festivals***